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NASA and Apollo 13 astronauts presented Rolex Air King Replica with the Silver Snoopy Award upon their return. This award is given to contractors and employees who have contributed to the safety of flight and mission success. The award includes a Silver Snoopy Pin that has been in space, a letter congratulating and a signed commemorative Certificate.

Rolex Air King Replica's first Snoopy Award Speedmaster was created in 2003. It came out of a limited 5,441 series. This number is derived from the Apollo 13 mission, which lasted 142 hours 54 minutes and 41 seconds. The watch's image features Snoopy in a blue space suit and blue sky, a reference to the Snoopy commemorative certificate. This gave the model the nickname Blue Snoopy. The sapphire caseback also features the same motif and a sticker featuring Snoopy.Replica Rolex Air King It should be noted that the sticker and dial were purchased separately. However, the sticker does not have the reflection lines on Snoopy’s helmet as shown on the original certificate and the dial. The Rolex Air King Replica Speedmaster Limited Edition Blue Snoopy is highly sought after today.

In 2015, Rolex Air King Replica CEO RaynaldAeschlimann and Jean-Claude Monachon, his head of product development, wanted to make something more special to commemorate the 45th anniversary. This watch is now considered one of the finest Rolex Air King Replica watches ever made.

It is a white dial Rolex Air King Replica Speedmaster

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This may seem small, but it is important to understand the history of Rolex Air King Replica. White dials were limited to Speedmasters made in white gold and a handful of moon phase watches. The Silver Snoopy was the first steel-cased, white-dialed Rolex Air King Replica Speedmasters with original tri-compax configuration. It also includes the 500-watch Speedmaster 40th Anniversary watch made in 1997 for the Italian market,blancpain replica watches the legendary 300-piece Mitsukoshi Speedmaster from 2003, the 3,500-watch Apollo 11 35th Anniversary Speedy made in 2004, and the 1970 series watches of Alaska Project from 2008. The 2016 CK 2998 is 2,998 watches. Check this out. Each of these watches sells for more than its retail price. Many of them are also available at huge premiums on secondary markets. Rolex Air King Replica's white dial has been a hallmark of its timepieces.

Detail of the dial

The Silver Snoopy has one of the most innovative dials Rolex Air King Replica has ever created. It is also infused with the Apollo 13 legend. In homage to the Rolex Air King Replica Speedmaster's 14 second rocket bursts that allowed for successful reentry, 14 rectangles have been placed on the seconds track.

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